Bruce Frankel LLC


A corporation’s interests and its key executives need to be protected, whether that protection comes from uncovering hidden information or providing physical security. Innovative, legal solutions are not always obvious, and creativity and discretion are often critical.

Due Diligence/Business Intelligence

The better the information, the better the business decision. Our strategies include reviewing public records, identifying and interviewing sources, surveillance, and networking with contacts. We then analyze the raw information and present it in a complete, yet succinct, report.

  1. Background Investigations
  2. Financial and Fraud Investigations
  3. Competitive Intelligence
  4. Merger and Acquisition Support
  5. Human Resources Support Services
  6. Employment-Related Litigation
  7. Field Investigations

Insurance Investigations

We cover all aspects: high-indemnity death; disability income investigations; routine claim verifications; suspected fraud; exaggerated claims; contestability concerns; life insurance; auto insurance; and general liability claims. Whatever the case, we provide thorough, prompt service and follow all applicable laws.

Life Insurance Claims

  1. Suicide
  2. Homicide
  3. Accidental Death
  4. Disappearance
  5. Contestable

Professional Disability Claims

  1. In-depth Investigations
  2. Worldwide Surveillance
  3. Forensic Accounting Services
  4. Consulting Services
  5. Settlement Negotiation
  6. Location and Recovery of Assets

Litigation Support

We’ll gather and help you present the information you need in the way you need it. Our investigations and intelligence have been key factors in local, state and federal court.

  1. Evidence Collection
  2. Witness Identification and Location
  3. Witness Interviews
  4. Vetting of Expert Witnesses
  5. Asset Tracing
  6. Background Investigations
  7. Accident Investigations

Forensic Accounting

Our forensic accounting services help identify intentional misrepresentation and non-disclosure. We look for data that fall outside the boundaries of the expected by following and analyzing paper trails, data trails and third-party records to find discrepancies and suspicious numbers.

  1. Evaluation of Asset and Income Claims
  2. Financial Transaction and Reconstruction
  3. Analysis of Complex Financial Documents
  4. Financial and Fraud Investigations

Executive Protection/Corporate and Event Security

When it comes to security for individuals and organizations, there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” We take the time necessary to assess each unique situation and ensure that no unforeseen issues arise.

  1. Risk and Threat Assessments
  2. Advance Logistical Evaluations
  3. Executive Travel Coordination
  4. Explosive Detection
  5. Access Control and Verification
  6. Package/Baggage Monitoring
  7. Dealing with Press/Paparazzi
  8. Crowd Control

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