Bruce Frankel LLC
What you need to know, when and where you need to know it

Bruce Frankel LLC is a private investigation company that combines the best attributes of a boutique firm - personal service and superior communication - with the global expertise of an international agency.

Our professionals have located international criminals, long-lost heirs, critical witnesses and evidence, stolen artwork, hidden assets and information. These findings have changed lives and businesses.

With an extensive background that includes the military, law enforcement, international business, real estate and private investigations, the team led by Bruce Frankel is capable of conducting investigations that dig deeply into a single apartment or span the globe in search of international criminals.

We have worked with a veritable Who’s Who of attorneys, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies and high-net-worth individuals, as well as many prominent real estate developers, management companies and owners.

When you need creative, confidential and cost-effective investigative services, contact us for a no-obligation, in-depth consultation.