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There are people you want to know about, assets or people you may need to find, privacy you want to ensure. We bring the same expertise to individuals who need the same discreet services that we provide to our business clients.

Domestic Employee/Nanny Screening

In the past, it was normal to hire a nanny or caregiver with a cursory interview or based primarily on a friend’s recommendation. You may or may not have known the person to whom you entrusted your most valuable possessions, your children and other loved ones.

  1. An in-depth investigation of the person(s) you are thinking about hiring
  2. Discreet electronic monitoring with state-of-the-art technology


Before Marriage
Before you make what most likely will be the most important decision in your life, we’ll help you fully know the person you plan to marry. We’ll uncover past relationships, legal and financial issues, and everything that will give you a clear picture.

During Marriage
There are many reasons why you may have suspicions about what your spouse is doing, such as infidelity, gambling, drug addiction or other suspicious actions. You have many options to consider, including surveillance, and we help you make the best, most cost-effective choice for your unique situation.

Custodial Interference

Divorce and separation can spur custody battles and more. You may have concerns about what happens to your child when he/she is not in your care. Your child may be missing, or you may suspect parental abduction. In the worst-case scenario, we can work with your attorney, local authorities or independently to help gather the desired information and/or find and return your child.

Heirs and Estates

Do you need to find missing heirs, executors or next of kin? Our professionals have conducted thousands of search-related investigations to find both heirs and assets. All investigations are, of course, confidential and conducted in full compliance with the law.

Missing Persons

Who do you need to find? Our professionals will scour financial and other records. We’ll contact friends, family, neighbors and anyone who might provide even the smallest shred of information. The goal: to help you locate and contact missing family members, friends, debtors or past acquaintances.

Harassment/Identity Theft

We’ll identify “anonymous” harassing callers, stalkers or any individual causing you alarm. We will act as your intermediary with local law enforcement to resolve your problem.

In cases of identity theft, we’ll help you secure your identity and prevent further problems. We’ll also help you deal with the necessary procedures of reporting information to the local police and to other required agencies.

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