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Bruce Frankel LLC is recognized as a leader in real estate investigations.

The January 27, 2007, issue of The New York Times features Bruce Frankel on the front page and as the quote of the day:

“Everybody thinks landlords are bad and we can steal from them… We have all these great people who go to work, donate to charities, talk about how the war is horrible… but everybody still thinks it’s O.K. to have the Robin Hood mentality.”

Building owners regularly handle many difficult day-to-day situations. However, some tenant issues require professional investigative techniques, and Bruce Frankel LLC has been called to help with those issues more than 2,000 times in the past four years.

As long as people continue to feel that defrauding an apartment building owner is okay, as long as tenants say, “They charge too much for this apartment anyway, and they are richer than me,” there will be fraud.

We offer a full range of investigative services to meet challenges faced by the real estate industry.

Non-Primary Tenants

Who is living in your apartment? Is the person on the lease actually there and meeting the legal requirements of a tenant in primary residence?

Luxury Decontrol (High Rent/High Income)

Is income being hidden to meet income requirements? Does a tenant's reported income not match his or her lifestyle? We know what to look for and produce evidence recognized in court.

Succession Rights

The law is very clear on who can and cannot qualify in a succession matter. We provide definitive, documented evidence to defend such claims.

Employee and Tenant Screening

Who is working and/or living in my building? Is the current applicant likely to be a good tenant? Are my valuables and loved ones safe? What problems, if any, have prospective tenants or employees had in their prior places of residency or employment? Our lifestyle and criminal background checks answer these questions through proprietary database searches, personal interviews and site visits.

We can also help you detect dishonest employees, who can be anyone from the porter to the managing agent. We work with attorneys, management companies, and co-op and condo boards to find these persons, bring them to justice and recapture illicit gains.

Fraud/Kickback Detection and Prevention

We can provide an ongoing program of checks and balances through periodic integrity testing. This is done with undercover operatives and may include tried-and-tested “sting operations,” as well as electronic and other surveillance techniques. We can tailor our Building Security Director Program, which uses the resources already in place, to fit any size building.

Criminal Activity

We have successfully investigated drug- and prostitution-related matters, as well as buildings where neighborhood gangs have been a problem.

Dishonest Employees

  • Theft of Time and Supplies
  • Theft from Apartments
  • Kickbacks from Contractors

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