Bruce Frankel LLC


Technology has brought new capabilities to the investigation and intelligence-gathering industry, and we use the most sophisticated technology on behalf of our clients. High-speed computers, GPS systems and other technology can do what human beings cannot and add capabilities to any investigation.

Computer Forensics

We employ the most advanced investigative and analysis techniques to gather prospective legal evidence, including everything from the theft of trade secrets to the destruction of intellectual property. We have the expertise to recover encrypted, deleted or damaged file information and provide the evidence you need.

  • Data Recovery
  • Cyber-Evidence Collection
  • Data Analysis

Polygraph Examinations/Voice Analysis

Our examiners are all trained and certified. Each has years of law enforcement experience, and all are former FBI Special Agents or NYPD detectives who have provided testimony in various venues.

Video/Photographic/Audio Documentation

We use state-of-the-art equipment to capture video and audio evidence, which may be produced in court or used for documentation or persuasion.

GPS Tracking

We can install discreet, hidden GPS devices in your personal or business vehicles and/or on your person to ensure your safety and security. All installed devices comply with federal, state and local laws.

Document Authentication

Our document examiners are leading experts in their field and will provide you with court-ready reports and analysis.

Office Debugging

We use the most sophisticated equipment available to secure telephone lines and uncover video or audio surveillance, ensuring your privacy.

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